Sunday, 15 March 2015

'heart of gold'

hello strangers, i'm here again. let's see if i can keep this up a little better then the last time!
i'm also now on instergram --> miss.t.reidy

so without further ado, may i present miss honey. 

she is an ball jointed doll, but specifically based on the beauties created by the oh so multi talented Marina Bychkova over at Enchanted Doll. her work is breathtaking, beautiful and a little bit weird - in the very best way!

this is the more detailed version i painted of the chest piece, the honeycomb 'heart of gold'. 
and so this is my entry for the contest to design a tattoo, for the chance to win one of Marina's beautiful ladies!
i have everything crossed!


  1. That honey heart is gorgeous!! I still have the print i bought of you at the new designers exhibition in london- the one you have as your header. It's all framed on my wall at home. Looks awesome! :)

    1. thank you!
      damn that seems like so long ago! i'm so glad that you still love the print, and she is snarling at everything from your wall :D