Tuesday, 10 May 2011

collisions's lady.

finally gonna post the full version of the the lovely lady who adorns my banner, i'm sure you'll like her =^_^=
she was an illustration i drew for uni that was bassed on the music of the brand new brighton band collisions
to me (and apparently to them also, as they're gonna be using her for their frist ep cover) she looks how their music sounds =^_^= please do go give them a listen, they've been working really hard and have got the recording's up and ready for your audio pleasure!

her headphones being  jacked into the tattoo of her heart, was i think a freaky bit of subliminal messaging as i was listening to their tracks as i drew her, it wasn't until i was most of the way through the neat pencil work that i realised that one of the lyrics in the track 'boom' was 'and i shall never lose my focus, 'cause i can hear my heart!' very weird when i noticed what i'd done!

cup of the brown stuff!

uni project to create a 'how to' guide to anything we wanted, i chose 'how to make a cup of tea, to my dad's exacting standards' :)
drawn with a dip-pen and blue ink (so's to resemble clasic blue glaze on white china)!

and for those who like tea as much as myself and my father check out professor elemental gentleman rhymer on youtube!! -->  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eELH0ivexKA
and if you liked that one have a look at fighting trousers too -->