Thursday, 21 April 2011

self portrait.

my illustration classmates had the idea that instead of putting up photos of ourselves with our work at our end of year exhibition, brighton exhibition and 'new designers' exhibition, that if we were to draw self portrates we would have more of our own work on the walls and generally be a little bit different =^_^=

so here's mine, with my favorite drink and my favorite flowers... though i think i actually look my age in this drawing, where as in reality i tend to be mistaken (on average) for 5 years yonger than i really am *le shrug*.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


i realy loved the photo on the front of the Telegraph news paper's fashion supliment, so i thought i'd draw her =^_^= as ever created with anything i had at hand, pencil, fine liner, tea, ink, water colour and a dash of copic marker!

the owl & the birds.

this was a school project to illustrate a moral tail, i chose the owl and the birds by asop.

 the story (as copyed and pasted):
AN OWL, in her wisdom, counseled the Birds that when the acorn first began to sprout, to pull it all up out of the ground and not allow it to grow. She said acorns would produce mistletoe, from which an irremediable poison, the bird- lime, would be extracted and by which they would be captured. The Owl next advised them to pluck up the seed of the flax, which men had sown, as it was a plant which boded no good to them. And, lastly, the Owl, seeing an archer approach, predicted that this man, being on foot, would contrive darts armed with feathers which would fly faster than the wings of the Birds themselves. The Birds gave no credence to these warning words, but considered the Owl to be beside herself and said that she was mad. But afterwards, finding her words were true, they wondered at her knowledge and deemed her to be the wisest of birds. Hence it is that when she appears they look to her as knowing all things, while she no longer gives them advice, but in solitude laments their past folly.

 a bit macarb but i really like how the dead birds came out...

close up of the forester.
as it was mothers day when i was working on this project i decided to draw my mum a cute owl as a present  :3