Wednesday, 16 November 2011

"poor little things"

studies in tea and ink, these poor little guys are tiny, each around an inch square!

 they are drawn on individually made pieces of paper, aprox 6.5x9.5cm

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

the last instalment of london fashion week with amelia's magazine.

as the last of the london fashion week reviews go up over at Amelia's Magazine i thought i'd post the close-ups of the last three articles i drew for, and take the opportunity to thank Alia Gargum, Matt Bramford and Amelia Gregory herself for being so kind as too give me such wonderful photos to draw from and being so lovely to work for. all three have given me a real boost in confidence :) though i think everyone covering lfw is well deserving of some serious rest and relaxation after putting in such crazy hours!

in Amelia's review of Felder Felder here i was particularly 
pleased with the hand and legs!

Matt Bromford sent me images from the Jayne Pierson show here where fashion models were replaced with real ballet dancers from The Royal Ballet!

they were really tricky to draw, but oh the muscle tone!! so incredible!

and lastly one more for Amelia's review of the magical Carlotta Actis Barone collection here

everyone thank you and i hope to work with you again!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

more from london fashion week with amelia's magazine!

two more illustration commission for the lovely amelias magazine this time for an article about the PPQ show written by Matt Bramford here!

again a couple of close-ups incase anyones interested!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

london fashion week with amelia's magazine.

i have been doing some work for amelia's magazine and my first illustration has appeared in an article written by alia gargum here!

thought i'd pop-up a couple of close-ups incase anyones interested :) 

the designer is Jean Pierre Braganza, and i particularly like the shoes! 

Friday, 12 August 2011

making prints.

i had 'tree peony', 'china' and 'collisions' printed on hahnemuhle textured fine art paper, which is archivel quality, meaning that in the right conditions the ink wont fade for at least 200 years!
if anyone's interested in perchasing one of these lovely ladies then please contact me at
china = £5 + whatever p&p comes to.
tree peony = £10 + whatever p&p comes to.
 collisions = £15 + whatever p&p comes to.
and remember, they won't fade in your life time!

they came out looking so good that it's hard to tell that they aren't the originals (so yes, it's just my camera that's making everything look rubbish...)

as well as having these prints to sell where i can, i also have a few of them in a beautiful little shop on westurn road (two minuits from my flat in hove) called imi loa! i shall be getting some photos very soon!

new designers.

so i exhibited at new designers from the 6th to the 9th of july, it was an expereance, and compleatly knackering!

here we see two of my classmates, the lovely amber cassidy (right) and miss maze (left). can you spot my bit of wall and the cusp of my prints stand?

work to my left by bryone crane and right devon busby

and that's miss maze's merch next to mine =^_^=

Saturday, 16 July 2011

tree peony.

i wanted to try drawing really tricky hand positions and this is what happened, i rather like her =^_^=
as ever, please click for full view, the details are worth it!

also, here's the original scetch, if you're interested *le shrug*

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

collisions's ep!

the collision's guys ( ) desided that they wanted to save the illustration from my previouse post for an album, so for their ep the singer and myself put this little number together
and this is what i originally drew, next to the final, playable item! so very cool!

they had their first gig on friday 1st july and they utterly rammed the venue! it was incredible, the first five rows were dancing their soaks off and though it was boiling nobody left part way through!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

collisions's lady.

finally gonna post the full version of the the lovely lady who adorns my banner, i'm sure you'll like her =^_^=
she was an illustration i drew for uni that was bassed on the music of the brand new brighton band collisions
to me (and apparently to them also, as they're gonna be using her for their frist ep cover) she looks how their music sounds =^_^= please do go give them a listen, they've been working really hard and have got the recording's up and ready for your audio pleasure!

her headphones being  jacked into the tattoo of her heart, was i think a freaky bit of subliminal messaging as i was listening to their tracks as i drew her, it wasn't until i was most of the way through the neat pencil work that i realised that one of the lyrics in the track 'boom' was 'and i shall never lose my focus, 'cause i can hear my heart!' very weird when i noticed what i'd done!

cup of the brown stuff!

uni project to create a 'how to' guide to anything we wanted, i chose 'how to make a cup of tea, to my dad's exacting standards' :)
drawn with a dip-pen and blue ink (so's to resemble clasic blue glaze on white china)!

and for those who like tea as much as myself and my father check out professor elemental gentleman rhymer on youtube!! -->
and if you liked that one have a look at fighting trousers too -->   

Thursday, 21 April 2011

self portrait.

my illustration classmates had the idea that instead of putting up photos of ourselves with our work at our end of year exhibition, brighton exhibition and 'new designers' exhibition, that if we were to draw self portrates we would have more of our own work on the walls and generally be a little bit different =^_^=

so here's mine, with my favorite drink and my favorite flowers... though i think i actually look my age in this drawing, where as in reality i tend to be mistaken (on average) for 5 years yonger than i really am *le shrug*.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


i realy loved the photo on the front of the Telegraph news paper's fashion supliment, so i thought i'd draw her =^_^= as ever created with anything i had at hand, pencil, fine liner, tea, ink, water colour and a dash of copic marker!

the owl & the birds.

this was a school project to illustrate a moral tail, i chose the owl and the birds by asop.

 the story (as copyed and pasted):
AN OWL, in her wisdom, counseled the Birds that when the acorn first began to sprout, to pull it all up out of the ground and not allow it to grow. She said acorns would produce mistletoe, from which an irremediable poison, the bird- lime, would be extracted and by which they would be captured. The Owl next advised them to pluck up the seed of the flax, which men had sown, as it was a plant which boded no good to them. And, lastly, the Owl, seeing an archer approach, predicted that this man, being on foot, would contrive darts armed with feathers which would fly faster than the wings of the Birds themselves. The Birds gave no credence to these warning words, but considered the Owl to be beside herself and said that she was mad. But afterwards, finding her words were true, they wondered at her knowledge and deemed her to be the wisest of birds. Hence it is that when she appears they look to her as knowing all things, while she no longer gives them advice, but in solitude laments their past folly.

 a bit macarb but i really like how the dead birds came out...

close up of the forester.
as it was mothers day when i was working on this project i decided to draw my mum a cute owl as a present  :3

Thursday, 10 March 2011

camomile tea lady.

 fine liner, water colour and a littel copic marker =^_^= please do click to enlarge!

 we had a 'day project' at uni today, to deign packaging for twinnings tea. i've had the idea of drawing women in tea cups for a long while but never gotten round to it, so this seemed like a mighty fine excuse!

Monday, 21 February 2011

next batch!

ink, pencil and pen.
ink, pencil and red pencil.
pencil and felt pen. more scribbly than my normal stuff, but i like it.
tea stain, paper collage and pencil.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

first post...

tea stain with pencil.

pencil and red pencil.

hey there to anyone reading this, i hope you like what you see, please do click to see images in there full sized glory!
many more uploads to come but now i must to bed.
as a little tease, i'm putting up older work first... i recormend coming back, just wait till i get up to date and i let you see the header lady in full!