Monday, 28 January 2013

hydrobloom show!

i was invited to take part in an exhibition/happening called 'hydrobloom' by the group 
the title is about a large group of jellyfish a 'bloom'.

...and here's my little offering :)

painted paper and tracing paper cuts, mounted in box frames like little jelly girl 

i really enjoyed making these little ladies and even went to the trouble of painting their bodies with patturns that would be hidden by their dresses... so here they are in a state of undress! oh my i hear you cry!

also exhibiting at the event was my friend Sylvaine, a very talented jeweller and illustrator, check out her website, it's full of beautifull whimsical things!

 i love these ink blot elaberations that she created! so fun!

long time no blog!

hello hello and a happy new year!
i've been a touch busy for the past several months and sadly not on arty things... till now! and there will be another post today about said arty things, but first i wanted to finally get these photos up because i lost the camera after taking them, and have only recently found it again!

this is the bundle i receved from the super talented and amazing Mall, who created 101 ACEO cards, two of which i managed to claim as my own! i love them so, so much! i am crossing my fingers that she will take up the aceo challange again this year and i can get my hands on some more tiny jems! 
this is mall's blog entry about her card sale, there are so many beauties! 

so far i've only managed to find the perfect frame for the little devil girl, and am sadly still looking for one for the amazing fluffy cat..  but here she is in situe with other assorted items on my sideboard, she judges us as we sit on the sofa opposite.

 other lovely arts here are 'my little pan-dimensional overlord' by the wonderful Petting Zoo and 'scriptorium' by the awesome Herman Inclusus!