Tuesday, 12 June 2012

harry's quilt.

hello, long time no post, i am bad at this blogging lark, so i do appologise.

rather different from my useual work, but i was feeling nostalgic and remembered an odd program i used to watch, called 'the brollys'. having rewatched a couple of episodes on youtube it is very much slower and odder than i remembered, but that's nostalger for you!
anyway, here is harry with his toys elepant and hippo, dreaming away under the 
embroydered weather quilt, sleep well!


  1. This is really lovely :) I used to watch The Brollys too but had completely forgotten about it!

    1. ark, i hadn't notice that you'd commented! thank you :) it's weired when something from so long ago pops back into your brain!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. I remember The Brollys and I really wish that they'd release it on DVD. There are episodes that I haven't seen and can't find.

    I suppose you're always biased in favour of the programmes you watched as a child but I do look back at things like The Brollys and think "Yes. This comes from a time when raw magic and imagination were mixed in with the drawings."

    But anyway, so glad to see that The Brollys hasn't been forgotten by everyone. :)

    1. thank you, i'm glad you like it =^__^= maybe they'll put it on dvd one day! i love old childrens programs, my favourite is noggin the nogg, if you've ever seen that? :)

    2. I'm sorry, I'm unforgivably late in replying to you.

      I'd never heard of Noggin the Nog, but I just had a quick look on YouTube. I love the drawing style.

      I'm going to have a look at a couple of episodes, who cares if I'm an adult. I honestly would take classic children's TV over most of what's on offer these days.

    3. no problem, as you can see from the timing of this reply, it's not like i check my messages on her properly, just found it by chance a second ago :P

      it's a really lovely style and the music and the narration is wonderful, and they use propper english rather than dumming down. there's one bit i remember where they use the word 'vexed'! i'm guessing it's probably the first place i ever heard it!