Friday, 12 August 2011

making prints.

i had 'tree peony', 'china' and 'collisions' printed on hahnemuhle textured fine art paper, which is archivel quality, meaning that in the right conditions the ink wont fade for at least 200 years!
if anyone's interested in perchasing one of these lovely ladies then please contact me at
china = £5 + whatever p&p comes to.
tree peony = £10 + whatever p&p comes to.
 collisions = £15 + whatever p&p comes to.
and remember, they won't fade in your life time!

they came out looking so good that it's hard to tell that they aren't the originals (so yes, it's just my camera that's making everything look rubbish...)

as well as having these prints to sell where i can, i also have a few of them in a beautiful little shop on westurn road (two minuits from my flat in hove) called imi loa! i shall be getting some photos very soon!

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